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Selected publications

“Deploying ‘good’ killer robots” (Hull, 2019)

(with Cristiana Sappa), ‘The Internet of Things at the intersection of data protection and trade secrets. Non-conventional paths to counter data appropriation and empower consumers’ (2020) 3 Revue européenne de droit de la consommation / European Journal of Consumer Law 419-458

(with Léo Pascault, Bernd Justin Jütte, Giulia Priora), ‘Copyright and Remote Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus: A Study of Contractual Terms and Conditions of Selected Online Services’ (2020) European Intellectual Property Review

(with James Stacey), ‘Can Permissionless Blockchains be Regulated and Resolve some of the Problems of Copyright Law?’, in Massimo Ragnedda and Giuseppe Destefanis, Blockchain and Web 3.0: Social, Economic, and Technological Challenges (Routledge 2020) 30-47

Блокчейн, смарт-контракты и авторское право’ (2019) 14(3) Труды Института государства и права РАН 9

Artificial Intelligence and Databases in the Age of Big Machine Data’ (2019) 25 AIDA 2018 93-149

Can the law fix the problems of fashion? An empirical study on social norms and power imbalance in the fashion industry’ (2019) 14(1) Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 18-24

Against the dehumanisation of decision-making. Algorithmic decisions at the crossroads of intellectual property, data protection, and freedom of information’ (2018) 9(1) JIPITEC Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Law 3-34

The artificial conscience of lethal autonomous weapons: marketing ruse or reality?’ (2018) 1 Law and the Digital Age 1-17

Grinding privacy in the Internet of Bodies. An empirical qualitative research on dating mobile applications for men who have sex with men’, in Ronald Leenes, Rosamunde van Brakel, Serge Gutwirth and Paul De Hert (eds), Data Protection and Privacy: The Internet of Bodies (Hart 2018) 21-69

Some considerations on intelligent online behavioural advertising’ (2017) 66-67 Revue du droit des technologies de l’information 53-90

Nesnelerin İnterneti ve patentler: Nesnelerin İnterneti patent savaşlarina doğru? / Internet of Things and Patents: Towards the IoT Patent Wars?’ (2017) 3(2)TFM Ticaret ve Fikri Mülkiyet Hukuku Dergisi – Journal of Commercial and Intellectual Property Law 47-66

The European strategy on robotics and artificial intelligence: Too much ethics, too little security’ (2017) 3(2) European Cybersecurity Journal 6-10

The Internet of Citizens. A lawyer’s view on some technological developments in the United Kingdom and India’ (2017) 12(1) Indian Journal of Law & Technology 53-104

Software patents and the Internet of Things in Europe, the United States, and India’ (2017) 39(3) European Intellectual Property Review 173-184

Machine rules. Of drones, robots and the info-capitalist society’ (2016) 2 Italian Law Journal 367-404

Patents on computer-related inventions in India’ (2016) 1(9) Intellectual Property Rights: Open Access 1

(with Ian Walden), ‘Contracting for the ‘Internet of Things’: Looking into the Nest’ (2016) 2 European Journal of Law & Technology 1-38

Uber law and awareness by design. An empirical study on online platforms and dehumanised negotiations’ (2016) 2 Revue européenne de droit de la consommation / European journal of consumer law 383-413.

Clouds of Things. Data protection and consumer law at the intersection of cloud computing and the Internet of Things in the United Kingdom’ (2016) 9(1) Journal of Law & Economic Regulation 69-93

(with Luce Jacovella), ‘UBERTRUST: How Uber Represents Itself to Its Customers Through its Legal and Non-Legal Documents’ (2016) 5 Journal of Civil and Legal Sciences 199

사물클라우드 : 클라우드 컴퓨팅과 사물인터넷의 교차점에서의 영국의 정보보호와 소비자법’ (2016) 9(1) 경제규제와 법 제9권 제1호(통권 제17호) 94-117

Il cloud computing. Alla ricerca del diritto perduto nel web 3.0’ (2014) 2 Europa e diritto privato 577-659

Le idee e il muro del suono. I programmi per elaboratore nella più recente giurisprudenza europea’ (2013) 2 Europa e diritto privato 543-596

I programmi per elaboratore e i confini del diritto di autore. La Corte di Giustizia nega la tutela a funzionalità, linguaggio di programmazione e formato dei file di dati’ (2013) 11 Riv dir ec trasp amb 69-96

These and other publications can be downloaded for free on SSRN, ResearchGate,, and LawArXiv.

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