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Copyright and Emergency Remote Teaching, Strathclyde Centre for Internet Law & Policy

3/7/2020 Strathclyde Centre for Internet Law & Policy

On Friday 3rd July at 12-13 UK time I will be talking about Copyright and Emergency Remote Teaching at the Strathclyde Centre for Internet Law & Policy webinar series.

What happens to teachers’ and students’ digital content once all learning is moved online? With a group of colleagues from the UK, Italy, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, I have analysed the terms of service and privacy policies of Emergency Remote Teaching tools such as Zoom, Teams, and Moodle. In this seminar, I will focus on issues of ownership/control, liability/infringement, and content removal/teaching exception.

This will be a free webinar. You can get your ticket on EventBrite.

Thanks to Oles Andriychuk and Angela Daly for the kind invitation 🙂

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