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Me enjoying a Zoom call

For information about the upcoming events related to my book Internet of Things and the Law (Routledge 2022), check out this page.

Other future events include:

(with Fabiola Massa, Lucio Sanmarco, and Giulia Schneider) ‘L’insegnamento a distanza: l’accademia italiana può essere competitiva?’ (Ciclo di seminari “La Trasposizione della direttiva (UE) 2019/790. Il diritto d’autore nel mercato unico digitale”, Association littéraire et artistique internationale (ALAI) Italia, Tuesday 13th December 2022)

Selected past events

‘Data Access Vs Intellectual Property in the Regulation of the Metaverse’ (UA Metaverse – technologies of the future, social solutions, ecosystems, virtual business, digital law and much more, Association “Metavsevit Ukraine”, Kyiv, Wednesday 7th December 2022) – watch video here

‘Capturing the Uncapturable: The Relationship between Universities and Copyright through the Lens of the Audio-Visual Lecture Capture Policies’ (VI Ciclo de Conferencias de Dereito da Competencia e da Propiedade Industrial e Intelectual, Universidade de Vigo, 28 September 2022)

‘Opening Up Big Data for Sustainability: What Role for Database Rights in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?’(“Open IP for a Better World?” – European Policy for Intellectual Property (EPIP) 2022, University of Cambridge, 14-16 September 2022)

‘Commons and the IoT’ (UnitelmaSapienza – Juridical Observatory on Digital Innovation – Turin Observatory on Economic Law and Innovation, Thursday 3rd March 2022) 

‘Data Sustainability. How Do We Open Up Data in the Fourth Industrial Revolution?’ (1st Annual Conference of the Scottish Law and Innovation Network, 21-22 April 2022)

‘Fourth Industrial Revolution and European Intellectual Property Law’ (Intellectual Rights: Challenges of the 21st Century, Tomsk State University, 9-13 November 2021)

‘Internet of Things and the Law: Curbing Data Power through Access?’ (Open Seminars Law & Data, University of Trento, Tuesday 2nd November 2021)

(with Rossana Ducato) ‘Questioni aperte in tema di diritto d’autore e privacy nell’Internet delle piattaforme per la didattica a distanza’ (AISA VI convegno annuale “La borsa e la vita. Scienza aperta e pandemia”, Palermo, 14 October 2021)

‘Death Becomes HE: The Rise of Lecture Capture in the Panopt(ic)o(n)’ (Gikii 2021: The Light at the End of the Vaccination Syringe Edition, 13-14 September 2021) Watch the video here

‘Zooming in on Copyright in Remote Teaching: A Socio-Legal and Comparative Study’ (112th Annual Conference of the Society of Legal Scholars, Durham University, 2 September 2021)

‘IP and the Data Economy’ (Expanding Business thanks to Data Economy: IP as a Tool, Global Digital Encounter 14, Fide and TIPSA, 15th July 2021)

‘The crisis of property and user empowerment in the Internet of Things’ (TILTing Perspectives 2021, 19-21 May 2021)

‘Presentazione del libro Internet of Things and the Law di Guido Noto La Diega’ (Juridical Observatory on Digital Innovation – Osservatorio giuridico delle innovazioni digitali, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, 26 May 2021)

(with Giulia Schneider), ‘Didattica a distanza e “benessere digitale”: profili di tutela dei dati personali e diritto d’autore’ (141° Mercoledì di Nexa, 9 June 2021)

‘The Tragedy of the Internet of Things (You Don’t Own). Intellectual Property, Private Power, and Digital Serfdom’ (PGR Summer School “Owning the Land: from Private Property to Commons”, University of Palermo & Strathclyde University, Palermo, 17 June 2021)

‘Intellectual Property Law and the Internet of Things: Internal Limitations, External Limitations, Extra-Legal Solutions’ (Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, Cardiff University, 30 March-1 April 2021)

‘Fighting Intellectual Property Abuses in the Internet of Things: Exceptions, Antitrust, Ethics, the Commons’ (Corsi di dottorato in Diritto e innovazione e in Scienze giuridiche, Università di Macerata, 9 April 2021)

(with Giulia Priora, Bernd Justin Jütte, and Guido Salza), ‘Remote Teaching Today and Tomorrow: an empirical study on copyright perception by educators in Italy, the Netherlands, and the UK’ (BILETA Conference, 14-16 April 2021)

‘Your Phone is not Yours. The Death of Ownership in the Internet of Things’ (Scottish Society for Computers and Law, 24 February 2021)

(with Shaira Thobani), ‘COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps in the UK and in Italy: Functions, Incentives, Risks’ (YouKey Talks, The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Unione Stampa Periodica Italiana, 30 December 2020)

(with Rossana Ducato), ‘Countering the Platformization of Education’ (Legal Hackers Luxembourg, 17 December 2020)

AI inventions, AI-assisted inventions, AI-generated inventions and patent law (ERC Workshop on Biological and Artificial Neurons, University of Trento, 4 December 2020)

‘The regulation of the Internet of Things: fit for the sustainable development goals?’ (Digital Technologies for Sustainable Development: Legal Challenges, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 26 November 2020)

(with Rossana Ducato), ‘Non solo Zoom. Piattaforme digitali per la didattica a distanza, diritto d’autore e tutela dei dati personali’ (83° Nexa Lunch Seminar, Turin, 25 November 2020)

‘Killer robots and ethics washing’ (The ethics of killer robots. Developments, characteristics and consequences of Artificial Warfare, Scuola Critica del Digitale del CRS e dal Forum Disuguaglianze e Diversità, Rome, 25 November 2020)

‘Private ordering of data control in remote learning’ (“Law and Data” Course MSc Data Science, University of Trento, 3 November 2020)

Learning by Infringing? Copyright Private Ordering in Post-COVID Remote Teaching (12th Annual Conference of the European Intellectual Property Teachers Network, 23 October 2020)

IoT, manipulation, and trade secrets (111th SLS Conference, University of Exeter, 1-4 September 2020)

IP, sustainability, and international trade: IoT & AI, WTO Public Forum, Geneva, 8 October 2019

Who owns AI?, 110th Society of Legal Scholars Conference, Preston, 3 September 2019

Smart contracts and right to change one’s mind, International Conference “Civil Anniversaries”, Moscow, 3 June 2019

AI as subject and object of inventions, MSc in AI, Law, and Ethics, European University of Rome, Rome, 26 June 2020

Copyright and Emergency Remote Teaching, Strathclyde Centre for Internet Law & Policy, 3 July 2020

Do we need IP? Incentives and fashion innovation, PhD in Law and Management, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, 21 April 2020

Artificial Intelligence and databases in the age of big machine data, Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Protection and Intellectual Property Law in a European context, Lund, 13 December 2019

Can the Law Fix the Problems of Fashion?, Keynote speech, 4th International Comparative Colloquium «IP and Fashion: From creator to consumer», Università degli Studi di Milano, Milan, 29 May 2019

The European approach to recognising, downgrading, and erasing same-sex marriages celebrated abroad, Northumbria Gender, Sexuality, and Law Research Group Seminar, 7 May 2019

Some considerations on intelligent online behavioural advertising, Innovation and Technology Law Lab Colloquia, Padua, 17 April 2019

Can Permissionless Blockchains be Regulated and Resolve some of the Problems of Copyright Law?, Innovation and Technology Law Lab Colloquia, Padua, 16 April 2019

Contro la Disumanizzazione Algoritmica delle Scelte, Conference “Intelligenza artificiale, etica e proprietà intellettuale”, Turin, 15 April 2019

Towards the Deployment of Good Killer Robots, Institute of Applied Ethics Seminar, Hull, 10 April 2019

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