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International Conference «Civil anniversaries», Moscow 2019

The Russian Academy of Science invited me to speak at the International Conference «Civil anniversaries» – 110th anniversary of R. O. Khalfina «Contracts in the Digital Age».

R. O. Khalfina was one of the greatest civil law scholars of the Nineteenth Century. She published over 200 works (eg Personal property in the USSR; State property in the USSR: legal aspects; Contracts in English civil law; etc.) in 7 languages. Her legacy has a huge impact on the development of Russian civil law.

Thanks to Larisa V. Sannikova (Chief Researcher Scientist of the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences) for kindly motivating the invitation on grounds of “professional level, great personality and leading position within legal scholars”.

My speech can be found here and the ensuing paper ‘Блокчейн, смарт-контракты и авторское право’ can be downloaded here.

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