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Research projects

With a chimpazee, my NINSO co-convenor Dr Massimo Ragnedda, and our fellows Dr Paolo Gerli, Rachel Allsopp, Samantha Rasiah, Dr Eleni Dermentzi, and Dr Gabriel Moreno-Esparza ((c) M Ragnedda)

COVID-19 and the Law

AI and the Law

Artificial Intelligence and Databases in the Age of Big Machine Data

(with Dominique Guellec and Aurelio López-Tarruella) ‘Expanding Business Thanks to Data Economy: IP as a Tool’ (Global Digital Encounters, 21 July 2021)

IoT and the Law

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and the Law

Robots, autonomous weapons, and the law

Cloud computing law and software copyright

Fashion Law

LGBTQ+ rights

Internet regulation


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