Emergency Remote Teaching: a study of copyright and data protection terms of popular online services (Part I)

What happens to teachers’ and students’ digital content and personal data once all learning is moved online?

With a group of colleagues from the UK, Italy, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, we have analysed the terms of service and privacy policies of Emergency Remote Teaching tools such as Zoom, Teams, and Moodle. In this first part, we have focused on the copyright issues, and in particular on issues of ownership/control, liability/infringement, and content removal/teaching exception.

You can find the full text of the post on the Kluwer Copyright Blog

This research was carried out with Dr Rossana Ducato (then UCLouvain, now Aberdeen), Dr Giulia Priora (Sant’Anna), Dr Chiara Angiolini (Unitn), Dr Alexandra Giannopoulou (IViR), Dr Bernd Justin Jütte (Nottingham), Léo Pascault (Sciences Po), and Giulia Schneider (Sant’Anna).

I have presented it on Friday 3rd July 2020 at the at the Strathclyde Centre for Internet Law & Policy webinar series (info here).

Part II of the research, with a privacy focus, is available here.

SCILP Seminar – ‘Copyright Issues In Remote Emergency Teaching’ – Assoc Prof Guido Noto La Diega

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I am Associate Professor of Intellectual Property Law and Privacy Law at the University of Stirling, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, where I lead the Media Law and Information Technology Law courses. I am an expert in the legal issues of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, and blockchain. Holder of a PhD (Unipa), a postdoc (QMUL), and an HEA Fellowship, I have a strong publication and bidding record and my works on Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Information Technology Law, Consumer Protection, and Human Rights have been cited by the EU Court of Justice’s Advocate General, the House of Lords, the European Commission, and the Council of Europe. Outside of the University of Stirling, I am Director of ‘Ital-IoT’ Centre of Multidisciplinary Research on the Internet of Things, Visiting Professor at the University of Macerata, Fellow of the Nexa Center for Internet and Society, Fellow of NINSO Northumbria Internet & Society Research Group, and I serve on the Executive Committee of the Society of Legal Scholars, the oldest and largest society of law academics in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Most of my publications can be downloaded for free on SSRN, ResearchGate, Academia.edu, and LawArXiv.

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